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Top 10 Most Useful Android Apps, Install Right Now – July 2020


Best Android Apps For The Month of July : Free and Paid Both

Ever wondered how many apps does google play store contains? The Google Play store contains more than 2.9 million apps. But today I have picked the top 10 amazing apps that you should use right now.

Take a look at apps list

  • Made in India
  • WallNut
  • Pinnit
  • pixurr wallpaper
  • ultra volume

  • say cheese
  • desaturate
  • wavelet
  • adobe photoshop camera
  • wifilink

1. Made in India

You ever Wondered how to distinguish the root country of the Product’s company. Here is the app – Made in India, available in two languages- Hindi & English, through which you can know the Product’s company source. This App Also follows the initiative #AatmaNirbha as many Indians worry about the origin it is important for all people to use this Made in India app and know the product’s company source.

source : google

2. Say Cheese

SayCheese helps you regulate your phone camera remotely by using two phones – one works as a shutter remote while the other assists as the remote camera. SayCheese facilitates you to catch images and videos by controlling and viewing the camera of the different phone.

SayCheeze does not need WiFi/data and is accurate for snapping pics on the go. Our mystic technology allows you to see what the remote camera sees from your phone in flash!

3. WiFiLink

WifiLink is a new app that makes internet-users together, allowing you to share your Wi-Fi or hotspot with others through one simple QR code or a link. No more worries about omitting (or exposing…) delicate login information! With the code, your buddies can connect in an instant.

In simple words it makes a type of interface where other can join to wifi network with A QR code generated by this App so, You dont have to show them or tell them your password.

source google

4. Wallnut

Wallnut is a regular wallpaper app with some new and fresh wallpapers for your android phone screens. the highlighting thing about the app is most of the wallpapers are really high quality.

Give it Try….!

source google

5. Desaturate

Desaturate is an iconpack app. as the name suggests it saturate colors giving only red and orange hues with highest degree iconography, hundreds of suiting wallpapers combined, and full launcher support for all popular launchers! devs are working hard to add more and more app icons.

6. Pinnit

Pinnit lets you create, manage and pin your notes to your notification panel. As it will make Things remember

It Easy to use, only One tap to pin, one tap to edit, one swipe to delete. Doesn’t get simpler than that. it also supports dark mode.

source: Twitter

7. wavelet

It’s a headphone/earphone specific equalizer. Most of the Points in Wavelet depend on system libraries located on your device. A minority of devices lack some of the libraries. As a conclusion, not all features may be accessible. It Boosts the bass and makes the sound more clear and crisp.

source : google play store.

8. pixurr wallpaper

PIXURR WALLPAPERS Serves You a Wonderful Collection of Custom Made, Interesting, Energetic, Gradient Wallpapers Based on Advanced UI Graphics Design.

Most wallpapers are 4k Quality based and its dashboard is material style.

source apk pure

9. Adobe photoshop camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera is a free, smart camera app that lets you add the best filters and influences your photos before you catch the shot. Show off your different style with tons of Insta-worthy lenses and filters motivated by your favorite designers and influencers.

source: respective owner

10. Ultra Volume

Ultra Volume is the customization tool designed to replace your phone’s volume slider with a new style controller. It provides many different sliders for volume streams including alarms and notifications.

source google

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